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Visa Screening Process
In order to obtain or renew a residence permit, all Abu Dhabi residents above the age of 18 must undergo a medical check-up examination. This medical check-up is available at all Disease Prevention and Screening Centers.
Required Documents
  • Original passport and copy OR Emirates ID and passport copy
  • Valid residence visa or entry permit for work, residence or studying and copy.
  • Valid health card or valid health insurance card for all applicants who present a valid work or residency visa issued from other emirates.

Process Description

  1. Reception
    • Submit paperwork to be checked by the receptionist.
  2. Registration
    • Take a ticket from the Q system and have a seat in the waiting area.
    • When the number on your Q ticket is called, proceed to the designated counter.
    • Pay the fees.
    • Wait for your data to be entered.
    • Provide your contact number.
    • Sign the electronic consent form.
    • Receive the examination card and stickers.
    • Proceed to the testing area and wait for your turn.
  3. GP Consultation
    • Enter the GP's clinic and submit your examination card.
    • Answer questions regarding your medical history. Please note that the GP may ask you to undress to examine you further.
    • Receive your signed examination card from the GP.
  4. Blood Collection
    • Proceed to the blood collection section and present your examination card. A sample of your blood will be drawn.
    • Receive the examination card signed by phlebotomist.
  5. X-ray
    • Proceed to the x-ray section and present your examination card.
    • Undress and put on the gown provided to you. Remove any metal items on your chest i.e. chains or necklaces.
    • Stand against the metal plate and wait for your x-ray to be taken.
    • Redress
    • Receive the examination card signed by radiographer.
  6. Vaccination
    • You may be required to take a Hepatitis B vaccination. Three doses of the vaccination are required. The nurse will provide you with the dates of your upcoming vaccinations.
    • Receive the examination card issued by the nurse including the dates of the upcoming vaccinations.
  7. Certificate Collection
    • Present your examination card within the specified time period (48 hours for regular and fast track, 24 hours for premium) in order to receive your certificate. You may also check the results of your medical examination online. To do so, click here.