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Ambulatory Healthcare Services Launches Phase 1 Pilot for Disease Prevention & Screening Centers Smart Services
11/19/2012 12:00 AM
Abu Dhabi, November 19, 2012-  Mohamed Al Ahbabi, Chief Financial Officer at Ambulatory Healthcare Services (AHS), A SEHA HealthSystem Facility, announced today that AHS has completed preparations for the launch of Phase 1 of the Disease Prevention & Screening Center Smart Services, which aim to facilitate the payment of fees for visa screening services.
Mr. Al Ahbabi stated that AHS has worked hard over the past few months to prepare for the launch of DPSC Smart Services, which signal a new era of services provided by AHS through its Disease Prevention & Screening Centers for its corporate and individual customers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
The main aim of the newly launched services is to facilitate the process of applying and registering for the visa screening services provided in the Disease Prevention & Screening Centers.
Once fully launched, DPSC Smart Services will provide a variety of options for visa screening pre-registration, including pre-registration through self-service kiosks and online pre-registration.
They will also enable payment using the AHS Smart Pay card which can be topped up using self-service kiosks, at the DPSC counters, or online. This is set to ease the process for corporations and helps them avoid the need for company Public Relation Officers to carry large amounts of cash when visiting the centers. Built on the latest platinum generation of automated payment systems, the Smart Pay system is considered one of the latest and most state-of-the-art systems.
AHS plans to place 20 self-service kiosks across all Disease Prevention & Screening Centers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.
The kiosks will enable applicants to independently carry-out a large number of functions, including, as previously mentioned, visa screening pre-registration and payment either through cash, credit card, or the Smart Pay card. In addition, the kiosks provides the option to top up the AHS Smart Pay card, book an appointment and enquire about the status of a visa screening application, among others.
The pilot stage of Phase 1, which include payment using the AHS Smart Pay card at the kiosks and counters, begun on November 18 at DPSC Mussafah, whereby a number of selected companies who employ a large number of employees started testing Phase 1 services.
Starting December 4, all companies can visit the Disease Prevention & Screening Center in Abu Dhabi or Mussafah to register the company and receive the AHS Smart Pay card. The card is available in two categories; silver and platinum, with the platinum card dedicated to big companies which employ a large number of employees. The platinum card also contains information about the individual card holder.
The services will be launched in all other Disease Prevention & Screening Centers in the beginning of 2013. In addition, AHS will launch its online pre-registration and payment services and will activate payment through credit card at its center counters, kiosks, and online.